Case Management

Getting Back To Work

By managing employees’ health problems and integrating work into the recovery programme, we can assist in limiting absence from work due to accident or illness.

The key to achieving a successful and sustained return to work for individuals is early intervention by Occupational Health, thus limiting the negative effect of long term absence. Therefore early identification of potential long term sickness and referral by the company is essential to the process.

It has been demonstrated that, with careful management, employees who are recovering from illness often find that returning to work can improve their health.

It is proven that employees suffering from certain musculoskeletal disorders often become worse if they do not return to work within six weeks.

Occupational Health is in a unique position to liaise with all parties to facilitate an early and safe return to work.

The Absence Management and Return to Work Process

  • Liaise with employee, treating physician and therapist as appropriate. This can facilitate early treatment if required.
  • Assess workplace.
  • Discuss and formulate a return to work plan with employee. Discuss with client, including line manager.
  • Send return to work plan to treating physician for approval.
  • Revisit workplace to help facilitate alterations if necessary.
  • Return to work.
  • Maintain support as required.

Early intervention may also identify sickness at an early stage and, with appropriate treatment/action, may prevent extended absence from the workplace.

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