Do You Have An Occupational Asthma Risk?

COSHH regulations 2002 cover respiratory sensitisers as prolonged exposure to inhaled substances can cause occupational asthma.

These are the trades with high rates of occupational asthma:

  • Baker
  • Vehicle paint sprayer
  • Solderer
  • Woodworker
  • Healthcare worker
  • Laboratory animal worker
  • Agriculture worker
  • Engineering worker

Potential causes of occupational asthma may be found in the following areas of work;

  • Isocyanates (e.g. two-pack spray paints)
  • flour dust and grain dust
  • glutaraldehyde
  • wood dust
  • latex  (powdered natural rubber latex gloves)
  • rosin-cored solder fume
  • glues and resins

A base-line respirometry level test is conducted, which takes approximately 15 minutes and a questionnaire is completed.

The frequency of further screening is then recommended based on the level of exposure.

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